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Modular homes are a more affordable option then traditional stick built homes.  With our modulars you can bring us a picture of the home you would like and we will design your home to your exact specifications or come in and browse our catalog selections.

Modular homes have come a long way over the last decade.  Not all modular home companies are the same, at Dwyer Contracting we have partnered with one of the most forward thinking and eco-conscious manufacturers in the northeast.  Our modular homes are built indoors in Climate Controlled Production Facilities. By building indoors, we also never have to stop work due to rain, wind, snow or other weather conditions. We then wrap your home in protective material to help shield it from the elements. This process helps insure your home is built fast so you and your family can enjoy the home you’ve designed as quickly as possible.  Climate controlled construction may be the single most important advantage modular homes have.   

Independent 3rd Party On-Site Factory Inspection - Craftsmanship/Made In The USA all of our modular homes are built under the watchful eyes of independent 3rd party inspectors. These inspectors will certify that your new modular home meets the building requirements of New York state (in many cases our modular homes will exceed these standards).

We also pay attention to the details. For example, we have several in-house fabrication shops that can produce finished custom stairs, doors and countertops – another example of the way we build quality into the process by controlling all phases of the construction of your new modular home.

GREEN Building -  our manufacturer has been nationally recognized by winning the top design award for GREEN Building by the Building Systems Council (BSC) of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  As part of our Energy Star effort, we are proud to feature products like Energy Star windows, doors, appliances and more in our Modular Homes. Our building systems focus on energy conservation. For example, we foam seal around electric outlets to help eliminate drafts. Other energy saving options such as On Demand Hot Water are also available.  We have an energy star ready program designed to work with your local energy star ready program.

Name Brand Products  DuPont. Moen. Wood-Made. Kohler – and many more. These are just some of top names in consumer/ building products and materials that will go into your new modular home. And we also strive to include as many “Made In The USA” products as possible.

One area where other manufacturers can cut corners is to use off-brand building materials. We are proud to provide you with a list of the products used in your home.  We understand you are not only building a home for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come, but you are also making one of, it not the largest investment you will ever make. We help protect your investment and give it the best opportunity to grow by using only the name brand products and materials that have traditionally stood the test of time, protected homes, and help homes hold and increase their value.  

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